Empowering Founders and Early-stage Startups with

Incubator + Capital + Studio

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Empowering Founders and Early-stage Startups with

Incubator + Capital + Studio

Strings is a US-based incubator and venture studio headquartered in NYC. We work with passionate founders, invest in brilliant ideas and co-create remarkable companies.





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Help brilliant founders and early-stage startups succeed and scale, leveraging our years of experience and expertise.


Create and nurture an ecosystem of promising tech companies that together can create a meaningful impact on the world.

Our Offerings


We have so many great ideas that we want to work on! We constantly look for individuals with an unstoppable mindset and founder’s spirit. So that together, we can convert an idea into a successful company. On the other hand, if a founder has an idea that interests us, we offer all the tools in our arsenal to help that idea scale.


Strings provides pre-seed investment to early stage startups that have the potential to grow. We only invest in startups that we have a strong belief in and close understanding of.


Our studio develops digital products for early-stage startups from start to finish. We take care of production, design and technical developments so you can focus on the business side of it.

Strings is incubator, investor and development partner – combined in one!