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Strings is a US-based group of tech companies with global operations, impacting lives of millions across the borders, offering products and services built with ground-breaking technologies.

Our Ventures
Our ventures are diverse, currently including a global software company and a SaaS HR-tech startup. With passing time, our portfolio is growing with several products in the pipeline that target verticals like news and media, rentals and housing, delivery and logistics, ecommerce, and EdTech.

Expert developers on the cloud.

Strings are everywhere!
In fabrics. In music. In the very building blocks of the universe itself! And now in tech too. Using Strings:

By 2030, Bangladesh will become the 24th largest economy in the world, and ICT is driving a large part of that growth.

With a population of 200 million where 60% of it has access to the internet, Bangladesh is an overwhelmingly massive market of businesses and consumers wanting traditional services revamped in better, faster and more tech-oriented ways. This has created a boom in the local startup ecosystem, and Dhaka has already become a leading global tech hub.

Starting in 2020, we started contributing to this fast-growing ecosystem through a series of ventures, aiming to provide an array of life-changing scalable services.

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