We invest pre-seed capital to early stage startups with high growth potential.

Strings only funds startups it believes in. This requires having a deep understanding of both the business and the founding team behind it. Even when we are only involved as an investor, we still maintain the informational margin of a co-founder.

We participate in pre-seed and seed stage investment for early stage startups that are not usually catered by venture capitalist firms. And we also keep a level of diversity in the startups we invest in.

Strings Capital team comprises of investors with successful entrepreneurial backgrounds as well as brilliant founders who have started, scaled and sold their technological startups in the past.

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What is Strings Capital?
Strings Capital offers pre-seed investments to companies that are running on the power of technology.
Which industry do you work with?
We do not focus on a specific industry. Rather, our backed companies spread across countries and industries. The only criterion the business has to meet is its potential to grow and scale. When selecting a company to fund, we prioritize ventures with a growing customer base, an early-stage product-market fit and an effective revenue growth.
What is the investment process?
Because we acknowledge the time and effort needed to run a company, we prioritize helping entrepreneurs secure funding as quickly as possible. Our clearly defined selection strategy enables us to reach an answer soon. We often co-invest in funding rounds along with other firms that share our vision.

We are also conviction investors. Which means we may decide to provide funding to a company even before a seed is selected and make introductions to other venture capitalists to help the entrepreneur receive funding quicker.

How much investment can I get from Strings Capital?
The amount depends on a number of factors including your business needs, market size, growth potential and the valuation of your startup.