It takes more than an idea to create a successful venture.

Strings partners with talented individuals who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. If you have the skills and the drive needed to become an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start, this program is for you.

Strings Foundry starts new companies with motivated individuals at the driving wheel. This program looks for talent, organizational skills and the willingness to accomplish great things. In fact, you don’t even need to have an idea. If you have the ambition and personality to become a CEO, the Foundry will co-found one of its innovations with you.

We look for someone with:

1. Fierce passion, drive and determination
2. Strong business acumen
3. A vision to empower the society through technological progress
4. A “never quit” attitude
5. A desire to partner with a team who can guide that vision into a reality
6. The power to instill dreams in people around them


What is the Foundry?
Strings Foundry creates founders. We nurture innovative business ideas that can be turned into growing companies. The foundry partners with entrepreneurial individuals who give those ideas life by co-founding companies where the individual partner works as the CEO.
Is it separate from the incubator program?
Yes. The incubator helps existing companies scale with necessary assistance while the foundry starts new companies acting as a cofounder.
How can I become the CEO of a new venture of the foundry?
If you are interested in cofounding a company with Strings, please apply. We prioritize potential and talent rather than expertise. So even if you do not have experience in this space, we give every applicant an equal opportunity to be selected.
Do I need to submit a business idea to co-found with Strings?
Not necessarily. The foundry usually founds companies based on Strings’ own ideas. But if you have a good business idea, you are cordially welcome to share and we will give it a consideration.
What will I get from becoming a co-founder of a Strings venture?
Co-founders get equity of the venture they work on. The percentage of equity is set through negotiation and potential assessment of the business as well as the individual.